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It came to an accident of the Wuppertal suspension-railway between the stations Kluse and Landgericht on the Thursday evening, 10-17-2013 at 18. 25 hours. However, on a length of over 250 meters the bus conductor of the cable car came loose and partly threw into the Wupper also on the Street B7 down. Two became parking cars as well as the vehicle of a woman this one was away the B 7 on, met. There fortunately weren't any injuries to persons, however. For the rescue works the B7 had to be closed completely until toward midnight. The cable car train 22 which drove on the scene of the accident at the time remained due to the power failure standing. The 76 passengers turned from her situation free about a turntable ladder of the fire department. The vehicle which came from the main examination only two weeks ago, will the public prosecutor shaft lichen remain inquiries until the degree at the scene of an accident.
At present, no details can be made the cause of an accident. The analysis surely will require several days. The cable car becomes at least by the end of the next ones Week because of the repair work having a break.

Unfall Oktober 2013

Pictures of the scene of an accident (19. 10. 2013)

The bottom of the front part of the GTW 24 by the loading crane of one truck was ripped at 17. 11 hours on August 5th, 2008. The cause of an accident was a not approved crane activity in the driving profile of the suspension-railway. The passengers of the suspension-railway could be saved by the fire department by means of turntable ladder out of the train. The truck suffered several fractures the driver. Long time was questionable whether the train should be repaired again. But then, one finally decided in favor of a repair in Vohwinkel.

Unfall am 05.08.2008

A serious accident happened on 4-12-1999 at 5. 47 hours. On Easter vacation, after the construction work in the direction of the Oberbarmen the first train was away for it "claw" which sat on the driving track Robert-Daum-Platz drove few meters metal-on one in front of the stop. This the first bogie came off and the train jumped from the tracks and fell on a far heating pipe, the ones to Wupper leading water waist-highly for this authority split up the two freight cars. Five people died, 45 were partly hurt seriously. „Aa serious accident happened m 12. 04. 1999 at 5. 47 hours. Chain of omissions“stated. The work was under an enormous pressure of time at that time. For the 100th anniversary the reorganization of the cable car should if the plan then be completed. The building claw was overlooked simply in the darkness. The Wuppertal town's department of works paid victims and surviving relatives altogether 1. 3 million marks compensation.

Unfall am 12.04.1999

DateThis has happened
29.02.2016In the early morning a GTW rolled in the carriage hall Barmen on the front train. This was pushed on points, for everybody to other suspension railways was blocked. In the carriage originated only low damage to property.
17.10.2013Demolition of the conductor rail by GTW 22 .
02.01.2013In the afternoon of 1-2-2013 Oberbarmen ran into the Gtw 7 on the Gtw 3 in the station. However, there probably were no considerable damages at the two vehicles and persons weren't injured.After a good half hour the regular traffic could be resumed.
07.02.2012In the station Loher bridge for a front-end collision. A second train ran into a train still being in the station. A person was injured and an easy property damage arose. The traffic could be resumed after short time.
05.08.2008 The GTW 24 collides with a crane jib.
12.04.1999Fall of the GTW 4 nearby the station Robert-Daum-Platz into the Wupper. 5 deceaseds and 47 injured.
14.11.1998Front-end collision in the station Alter Markt, GTW 24 ran into GTW 13. Cause was the set of signals of the train here, she wasn't reorganization-related in business. 14 injured
25.03.1997GTW 7 runs into Oberbarmen on the Kaiserwagen in the station. 14 injured
28.07.1992GTW 24 is derailed in the turn plant then at the zoo/stadium.
24.01.1989The GTW 22 collides with a truck
08.12.1970A suspension-railway is derailed in a slow driving place.
11.09.1968A truck trailer breaks. piers unite from the anchorage, two track bridges fall onto the street on the Sonnbornerstr.
21.07.1950The elephant lady Tuffi was sick by a cover of a car and fell into the Wupper. This happened nearby the station Adlerbrücke. The elephant lady was Althoff for advertising purposes for the circus away.
01.05.1917A daring was raised front-end collision in the station Wupperfeld, from the track. 4 injured

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